Saturday, 5 March 2016

Transition Bellingen becomes a project of Centre for Ecological Learning

Transition Bellingen started in  February of 2008, as part of an international network of Transition groups that are working to create resilient and strong communities by RE-LOCALISING production of food, energy and other resources, RE-LEARNING old skills that can be used in our modern way of life, and RE-CONNECTING all sectors of the community.
       From 2008-2012, Transition Bellingen was very active in the community, holding educational events,  creating a Shire wide visioning process that was included in Bellingen Shire Council's 2030 Strategic Plan, and supporting many initiatives to flower and grow, such as the Bellingen Seed Savers, the Free Market, and the Bellingen River Festival.
       In the past few years, the members of the core group of Transition Bellingen have had a bit of a rest from facilitating major TB events (while at the same time continuing to pursue many other amazing activities), although there were a few wonderful events such as the "Economics of Happiness" workshops. But how to proceed from there was the question!  After quite a bit of processing, it seemed a logical decision that Transition Bellingen fold its "incorporated not for profit" status and become a project of the Centre for Ecological Learning.The Bellingen Seed Savers, who were a project of Transition Bellingen, have also become a project of CEL. A win-win situation for all - less paperwork, but the same opportunity to bring the Transition Bellingen tradition of forums and re-skilling workshops, and the amazing services of the Seed Savers, to the community.
       So welcome, Transition Bellingen and Bellingen Seed Savers, we are thrilled you are with us! Watch out for more info about both groups on our website soon.
        With heartfelt thanks and huge appreciation to all the Transition Bellingen members, past and present - you continue to be inspirational.
-       Lisa Siegel

Centre for Ecological Learning

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